Why Women Love Tote Handbags

There are many things that men wonder about women. Why they feel the need to collect handbags is one of those mysteries that may never have an answer. However, there are many different reasons that can explain why women love totes handbags. Some of them are outlined below and may just help men, and some women who can’t figure out the phenomena of purse collecting themselves, to get an answer to their question.

She’s a Shopaholic

For some women buying and collecting handbags & totes is all about fulfilling their need to shop. Some women simply cannot say no to a good deal. Totes handbags are not outrageously priced and they are readily available, so it makes it a simple way to fulfill the need to shop. Plus, it is easy for her to rationalize buying a handbag because it is a useful item that serves a purpose.

She Wants to Establish Her Social Status

An obsession with totes handbags may simply be a way for a women to show off. A good handbag can make or break a women in some social circles. When a woman shows off amazing handbags she can set herself to be accepted among her peers and solidify her social status.

She Wants to Add Variety to Her Wardrobe

Nothing is fun about a boring wardrobe. By having a variety of totes handbags, a woman can use them to accessorize her wardrobe and add some spice to it. For some women handbags are a great choice because they are affordable and they come in a variety of styles so they are a perfect compliment to a stylish wardrobe. Being fashionable is also important to women and handbags add style to any outfit and are a great way to show off individual taste.

She Simply knows a Good Deal When She Sees It

Some women are savvy shoppers and know not to pass up on a good deal. Handbags often are available for amazing prices and they are quickly scooped up by eager shoppers. The smart female shopper will know that she needs to buy now or she may miss out. She gets a good deal on handbags that she will get a lot of use out of.

She Has a Special Occasion

Women are known for dressing to the nines for special occasions. When she is all dressed up she certainly doesn’t want to carry just any old bag. Many women buy totes handbags to go with outfits they have for special occasions. They need one for each special occasion outfit and that may mean she has to shop for five, six or even more handbags.

Women may have their own unique reason for loving totes handbags and having to buy so many. The reasons above, though, give great insight into many reasons women admit to buying and collecting large amounts of totes handbags. While no two women are the same, they all can agree that the addition of a totes handbag – or ten of them – to their collection is always a smart shopping decision.

Source by Mick Mack

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