Why Received’t You Verify in Writing that You Didn’t Intrude in Lt. Col. Vindman’s Promotion? : politics

How fucking silly can a remark be? Trustworthy query, that one is up there. He was ordered to look by the Congress, he appeared. He was requested questions, his obligation is to be candid, he did. There isn’t any ‘gross insubordination,’ if youre going to invoke the UCMJ, cite it.

Nothing he did was political, he gave technical or first particular person data. Interfering with the promotion listing…thats fucking extraordinary. This isnt firing a common. His an LTC, who offers a fuck?

There isn’t any obligation to the President, there’s a obligation to obey lawful orders, as there are just a few folks between him and the POTUS re CoC, he possible did contain them, the request went to DoD from Congress, they’ve a authorized proper to summon him. Per their constitutional prerogatives. Religion to the Structure requires respect and obedience to Congress.

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