Why You Must Drink Your Urine Often

To some of us, urine is a waste product that must be removed from our system as soon as possible or else, there could be danger.

If you think urine is waste, then you have every right under the sun to your views and I have not right whatsoever to force or cajole you to accept any opinion to the contrary.

Also, there are people out there who hold the views that urine has health benefits and cures many sicknesses and diseases.

The views of these people should also be acknowledged and respected for they too have a right.

But, let me tell you a short story. Three months ago, a close friend had what the doctors described as a terminal disease.

He spent fortunes in desperate search for cure and yet no healing in sight.

The wife jumped from one hospital to the other in Lagos, Nigeria and there was no success.

She visited churches within and outside Lagos and fasted for days so that God will heal the husband. Yet, no miraculous healings.

When I made out time from my busy schedules as a practicing journalist to visit him in hospital, my friend told me in confident that he is fed up with life.

I paused for few minutes in meditation and the message I received was that my friend should start urine therapy and drink his own urine often.

But, when I told my friend, he thought I have gone mad and actually said so. I wished him well and left the hospital.

Three weeks after, my beloved friend called to inform me that after days of soul searching and based on online findings on urine therapy, he has decided to give it a try. I wished him.

After drinking his urine daily for two months, my friend called on Monday to tell me rather excitedly that his health has improved appreciably.

He told me that medical tests conducted on him in recent times showed that he was returning back to life from the grave.

Again, I wish him well and silently thanked God and the cosmic masters.

Take it or leave it, I know urine is water of life. It cures many sicknesses and diseases and I advise you to give it a try.

Cancer, bacterial, viral, fungal infections, autoimmune disease, acne and other skin problems, cleansing of blood, promotion of healthy heart, relieve sting and burning wound, Keep young skin, relieve constipation and calm nerves are some of the diseases and sicknesses that could be cured by urine.

Source by Emmanuel Udom

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