Winners, losers from Vikings’ overtime win over the Saints in wild-card round

After a thrilling opening to the playoffs on Saturday, the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints delivered another nail-biting finish on Sunday. Drew Brees and Kirk Cousins each had the chance to silence the skeptics, but only one stepped up when it mattered.

New Orleans’ offense came out slowly as Brees struggled to help this team find any rhythm. Fortunately for the Saints, folk hero Taysom Hill saved the day in seemingly every moment and kept this team alive.

Despite playing in a hostile environment and being underdogs, the Vikings brought it to the Saints in the Superdome. A healthy Dalvin Cook came back and looked strong, while Minnesota’s defensive line came alive with a relentless attack that kept this contest tight.

The game went into overtime, giving Cousins a chance to quiet the critics and reverse the narrative that he falls short in the clutch. That’s exactly what he did, delivering some of the biggest throws in his career and stunning the Saints, 26-20.

Here are the biggest winners and losers from Vikings’ stunning overtime win over the Saints in Sunday’s wild-card action.

Winner: We like that Kirk Cousins’ clutch gene

It wasn’t always pretty from Cousins. He missed some throws early, but his teammates kept this game alive. When opportunity knocked, and the Vikings needed their quarterback to step up in overtime, he delivered and became a hero in Minnesota.

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