Women’s Ballet Flats – Wedding and After

Women’s ballet flats have gained an incredible popularity. The top designers have paid attention to this and created a huge range of casual, inexpensive and very pricey shoes. The comfort factor is obvious – no heels! No back pain, foot muscle aches, no toe pain. How wonderful. And the great thing is, if you add these shoes to your wedding party’s style, all of the participants can wear them after that day, with many outfits.

Of course, all shoes used for a wedding can be worn afterwards. But especially flats can be used in a more universal manner. Flats look fabulous with jeans, dress pants, office skirts – almost anything.

Just as any outfit can be dressed up, or down, with accessories like belts, bracelets, and earrings, ballet flats will do likewise for your wardrobe.

The comfort factor makes flats a good choice also. After the special and very long day of your wedding, these easy to wear shoes will be chosen for wear because of the relief from high heels or other heavier shoes.

Because they are available in every color, fabric, leather and shape, these shoes will enhance almost everyone’s wardrobe. Even the most dedicated fashionista will find use for them.

And these shoes are built to last. While they look like the delicate ballet slipper type of shoe, and are light weight, the construction is deceptively strong. Made of leather, suede, satin or mixed fabrics, this footwear is tougher than it seems.

Many have rubber soles ridged for traction, yet if you prefer leather soles, most top shoe designers provide them.

The variety of styles makes them easy to match with handbags, hair jewelry, gloves and shawls.

Source by Dianne M. Buxton

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