Womens Designer Shoes – A Fashion Statement

We place quite a bit of importance on our shoes these days. At one time in the long ago past, shoes were meant to protect our feet. Today, they are made to make a statement! Our shoes are a big part of our wardrobe. They can make or break an outfit, and womens designer shoes are all the rage. Womens designer shoes, however, are quite expensive! Are they worth it?

For most women, the answer to that question comes in three forms – yes, no, or sometimes. Now, keeping in mind that these designer shoes can cost hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars, the way a woman answers that question says quite a bit about her. If she says yes, that designer shoes are worth every penny, then this means that style and fashion are high on her list of priorities.

If she says sometimes, it means that in most cases, they are not worth it, but for special occasions – she is willing to pay the price. It doesn’t necessarily mean that she believes they are worth those outrageous prices – it just means that she is sometimes willing to pay it. If she says no, this simply means that she is price conscientious and she believes that she should get value and durability for her money. The majority of women, believe it or not, fall into that last category, and they don’t believe that designer shoes are worth the price tags that accompany them.

Designer shoes are indeed beautiful – in most cases. There is also quite a bit of prestige in wearing shoes that were designed by famous design houses – when a woman is wearing designer shoes, other women – and often men – sit up and take notice. However, that is pretty much where the value of a designer shoe ends.

Looking from a durability standpoint, designer shoes are not sturdy in their construction. Can you imagine paying five hundred or more dollars for a pair of shoes, only to have the ankle strap break the first time you wear them? Can you see yourself walking along a wet sidewalk after a light rain, in $1200 shoes that have the sole disintegrating as you walk? Most women simply are not willing to pay that kind of money for one pair of shoes – no matter whose name is stamped on them!

What about protection. Remember, shoes were originally designed to protect our feet. Today’s designer shoes do nothing to protect the feet. It seems that the less shoe there is, the higher the price is – and among the fashion conscientious crowd, the more the shoe is in demand. Have you seen some of the designer shoes lately? Have you wondered how they stay on the foot?!? There is little or no protection, and in fact, the way some of those designer shoes are designed, there is not only no protection, there is also danger involved when wearing them!

Are designer shoes comfortable? Comfort has never played a role in fashion. No, in most cases, they are extremely uncomfortable. What about support? There is no support in most designer shoes – unless they are designer sneakers. Many models literally ruin their feet over the course of time – modeling designer shoes!

But because each woman has her own unique style, and her own priorities, designer shoes are well worth the money to a select few – these are the women who can not only afford to pay the prices, but are also very interested in wearing the latest fashions – designed by the most famous designers.

What many people don’t realize though is that these women are not in the majority of women – these women are actually few and far between. Most women would not dream of paying more than $100 for a good pair of shoes – others wouldn’t dream of paying more than $50, and some even refuse to pay more than $25! Where do you stand on womens design

Source by Trevor Mulholland

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