Women’s Lucky Brand Cowboy Boots 2011 – Top Sellers From the Lucky Western Boot Lineup

Just a couple of years ago there was a whisper in the air about Lucky Brand producing boots for women. In that first year, there was quite a bit of attraction to women’s Lucky Brand cowboy boots – which was possibly what spurred on creation of even more western styles from Lucky this year.

For us women who love a mix of western style with modern trends, there are some lovely (and affordable) boots to choose from – here are what appear to be the top sellers this year:

“Gai” Over the Knee Western Boot from Lucky Brand – While this boot could pass for either western – or not – it is nevertheless endowed with some western style, having a pointed toe and would definitely enhance a western ensemble. The over the knee look is very much in line with trends this year – also being versatile, the top of the boot shaft can be folded over for a different look. Cost for the Gai boot is around $210.00.

“Elena” Boot from Lucky Brand – This boot has a fun “retro” sort of a look to it, with contrasting stitching and a curved heel to add some femininity to the overall look. It can be found in the colors of Midnight, Antler and Pecan. Retail price for the Elena runs around $200, but is available online for much less (as of this writing).

“Chantel” Boot from Lucky Brand – This boot made its appearance last year and continues to be one of the most looked-for boots for women from the Lucky Brand collection. It has a distinctive western look and a shorter bootie cut with subtle studding to set it off. For ladies who love the cowboy bootie style (and many women do these days), this is a great choice and is much more affordable than other brands. It is available in a nice array of colors and costs around $130 retail, but can be purchased online for a markdown price.

“Jordan” Boot from Lucky Brand – Here is a gorgeous new look in the collection of western boots from Lucky in 2011, and is my personal favorite of the bunch. It (like the Chantel) has a bootie cut, but has a bit of a higher shaft with pull straps and a stylish strap around the back of the ankle area. It also is available in a nice variety of colors that would add a rich and sleek look to any ensemble whether it was casual or a bit more on the dressy side. Cost for the Jordan boot is around $130 retail, but I have recently found it online for as low as about $55.

There are five additional women’s Lucky Brand cowboy boots available at this writing in 2011, one of which is another over the knee style, one with a more striking and feminine “cowboy” look about it, and even more to choose from. This year it seems that Lucky has answered the call for women who enjoy a western look, whether they will be wearing their boots in downtown New York City or on a ranch in Texas.

Source by Tonya Brisnehan

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