Women’s Smart Watch, Lightweight Smart Watch for Women, 1.04 inch IPS Color Touch Screen, Fitness Sleep Monitor Waterproof Call Reminder with Text GPS Auto Wake Screen Smartwatches for iPhone Android

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Product Description


SKMEI brand Outdoor Sport and Fashion Casual Style. We are committed to providing the best products, the excellent user experience for the buyer. B36 integrates the public’s favorite appearance and function, low-key luxury, and personality fashion.

Special for you, special for Women! The watch with high precision and elegant appearance reflect the elegance of the lady, which can be a good match for the dress. Multifunction smart bracelet with round colorful screen leads you to sports and fashion. Its sleek design also reveals your good taste in fashion. This is a fashion-forward watch for fashionable women.

smart watch

Fashion smartwatch, the combination of technology and fashion. Let technology and fashion no longer monotonous

Ladies Watch

Girls Watch

Fitness Tracker

Female physiological period management

The menstrual period: the main interface of the bracelet will display four status icons, Menstrual period, Safe period, Ovulatory period, Ovulation date
The preparing pregnancy period: there are also the menstrual period, ovulation period, etc., but it shows the probability of pregnancy in the current state. Example: The Pregnancy probability < 1%, safety period.
The pregnancy period: In the state of pregnancy, it shows that ” There are still ? days from the birth of the baby.”
The mother period

Best gift for women girls

The “H Band” APP, allows you to match your phone to your smartwatch. Customize your watch and the information that is important to you, directly on your dial.
When you need a present in Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, anniversary, occasion, wedding or-or even business gift, women smartwatch B36 is always a good choice. No matter it’s for your girlfriend, wife, female family or friends.

Being your healthy assistant

APP GPS movement: Track running and cycling trajectory, Calorie Burned, Time, Distance, historical records, track sharing (Need to connect your smartphone with “H Band” APP)
Pedometer: Records daily activities, records steps, distance traveled, calorie consumption
Health data tracking to help you understand yourself better
Low-power sensor, 3-4 days of battery life, accurate recording of daily sports data


sleep tracking

girls watch

waterproof watch

Call vibration reminder, keep in touch

When the phone has an incoming call, the bracelet will be reminded by vibration, even if the phone is placed in the bag or in the noisy outdoor, there is no need to worry about missing important calls.
Long press 3s to hang up the call, you can see the content of your messages on the watch, and the displaying content of the page can be viewed flipped over by touch button.

Sleep management, keep your daily vitality

Sleep monitor: Automatically track time of deep, light sleep and awake time
Monitor your sleep, Bluetooth sync data to your phone, and let you know more about your sleep quality
Camera Shooting: convenient to take a selfie by tap the oval icon

Diversity shock alarm clock, gentle saying good morning

With 21 alarm available, gently wake you up every morning with vibration
The watch will remind you when you have been sitting still for too long
With 4 kinds of watch main interfaces available on the “H Band” APP.
When you turn on the watch, a rose will appear on the watch screen to give you a good mood.

IP68 Waterproof can meet your daily waterproof

IP68 Waterproof can meet your daily use, such as wash hand, rain, sweat, also you can wear it when you are showering or swimming
NOTE: Too much water contact will shorter the watch life
The package incldes the box, watch, charger line ( the USB line ) and a paper instruction
If you miss a stuff of the package, you can contact with me and I will supply it.

Women Smart Bracelet


Q: The date and time are incorrect and the sleep monitoring not record?

A: Successfully pair the smart bracelet with the app, the date and time will sync with your phone(If you want to setup 12/24 hours, please set it in your phone). About the sleep function, the data will not be shown immediately when you wake up, sometimes it takes 10 minutes to judge whether the bracelet is released from the sleep state. And sleep management to determine the period of sleep is 21:00 to 9:00.


Q: After charging to full capacity, how long can it run?

A: It takes 2-3 hours to charge the watch. The standby time is 3-4 days under normal conditions. The battery life depends on the function you use. if you open the heart rate detector all the time, it will shorten the time. You could test the battery in this way: fully-charged and turn it off for a whole day and you could turn on it and check the battery status the next day.

Q: What do I do if the app can’t find the smartwatch?

Firstly, please check whether the watch is charged or not( Touch the screen to see if it light up ). Then, please make sure the watch is close to the mobile phone. If it doesn’t work, please try to restart the mobile’s Bluetooth function or restart the mobile phone.
Bluetooth is disconnected frequently because the APP background running is closed by the mobile smart power saver. You can find the battery management through the mobile phone setting interface, and set it to allow the background operation.

Q: Why my wristband doesn’t vibrate to notify me when there is a message?

Check if the notification message function switch in the App is opened.
Check if the App notification usage right is opened. If it is an Android phone, click the question mark in the upper right corner of the APP notification interface to open it.
Check if the corresponding APP, WeChat, Facebook, etc. in the notification management in the phone settings are enabled.
Check if the new message notification in the social app settings is opened and the content display is opened. After resetting, it is recommended that the phone and the bracelet are turned off and restarted to re-bind.

❤Quickly Check your Fitness Status: Colorful Screen will let you see the time clearly even under the sun. Tracks your steps, distance, calorie burned, heart rate, sleep tracking; and record data both in smartphone App and watch. It’s your fitness Companion
❤Work Over Your Expectation: Easy to pair with a smartphone. Timely syncs the incoming caller ID, SMS content, app notifications push (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp). You can read the messages and reject the phone. It’s your work partner
❤Broad compatibility: This smart watch can support most android and ios phones(Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above). Such as iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Note, Sony, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Oppo etc. smart watches
❤Battery Life & Perfect Size: Smartwatch Android -100mAH lithium battery, average using time is 3-4 days based on usage. Case Diameter: 39.5 mm; Case Thickness: 8.5 mm; Using IP68 waterproof, enables wear in showering or raining even swimming

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