Women's Swimwear – Swimsuit Styles 2011

Summer time is almost here! With summer comes wonderful days and nights on the thousands of great lakes, rivers, and beaches across the country. Finding the perfect bathing suit best fitted for your body type as well as your personality is one of the greatest things about this season! With so many options available, it can become frustrating while searching for that 'made just for me' feel. Covering the "must know" about this swimsuit season should help make shopping easier and even more fun. Get ready for a fabulous summer of soaking up the sun.

A bikini set is a classic type of two piece. It's a great swimsuit choice to reveal a daring, sexy, stylish 'you'. The best bikinis are made with high quality Lycra and are as unique as the buyer. Bikinis tops cover the breasts and usually have ties around the neck and / or back. Different tops offer several types of support. Bikini tops can be bought to add padding, a lifting effect, or back support. The bottoms generally have strings or string ties on the hips and have just enough cover to 'wow' other fun in the sun lovers. The bottoms also can add great support or minimizing effects for the rear. These can also be worn under cover ups for a lounging day by the water.

Another fun swimsuit is a tankini set. This type of swimsuit was introduced in the 1990's and is widely popular for that bikini feel with more coverage. This, also, is a two piece that has mid to complete stomach coverage. The top can be made strapless, with one strap, two straps, or criss crossed. There are so many options for these swimsuits, its impossible to cover them all. The top, very similar to a tank top, can be designed with tummy control, minimizing features, chest padding, lifting, and back support as well. The bottoms are simple while offering full coverage and holding true to a modern, but sexy appeal.

The classic one piece swim suit was first showcased in the 1920's. Although there have been many stylistic changes to this modest, yet alluring piece, it has stood the test of time. These swimsuits come in every color, and pattern known. They also can be purchased with enhancing features, tummy control, back support, minimizing features, and even with attached skirts to accent the waist and add coverage for the hips. In addition to having this classic swimsuit piece, it is easily paired with different colors, cover ups, skirts, hats, or shoes to give a different look for each time worn.

Swimsuit cover ups are a necessity for every swimsuit set. In past decades, they have been seemingly bulky and unflattering. Now, cover ups have taken a wonderfully drastic turn. These little necessities come in all styles. Full body, hip cover, drawstring, tunic and more. Styles include sheer, full halter dress style, or flowing sheer body cover. They also are made sleeveless, three-quarter length sleeve, long sleeve flair and short-sleeved. The wide options and variety allow for a cute cover up to be worn while enjoying a meal at a beach / lake front restaurant without feeling 'improperly dressed. "

Whether heading to the lake, the river, the beach, or just a day at the pool, swimsuits are great little necessities of life. According to personality, style, and preference, any swimsuit can be made into a breathtaking experience. Cover ups are just accessories to glorious, fun-filled summer days. Find a suit that reveals the inner you and enjoy. Express yourself!

Source by Angela Goldstein-Meyer

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