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CW mother and father = horrible mother and father.

Hello, I am Hannah, and I like teen dramas! It is sort of ~my model~. However do not come at me with this Outer Banks nonsense. I am outdated.

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Sure, this is me doing a photograph shoot as Blair Waldorf once I was 15, how do you know??

However one factor I’ve observed about all my favourite teen dramas is that the mother and father are nearly at all times AWFUL.* In reality, there have been so many terrible mother and father, I could not even embrace all of them! Listed here are a number of the worst of the worst.

The CW

*Besides, in fact, Fred Andrews.


Chuck’s dad Bart on Gossip Woman

The CW

Bart was really evil incarnate. He blamed Chuck his complete life for his mom’s dying, even supposing she wasn’t???? lifeless???? He additionally faked his dying for years earlier than returning and reducing Chuck out of his firm. Then he put Nate in jail, threatened Blair, and TRIED TO HAVE CHUCK KILLED. So, yeah. Not so good of a man.


Nathan and Lucas’s dad Dan on One Tree Hill

The CW

Dan was arguably even worse than Bart, however I am giving him factors for his redemption in saving Nate in the long run (and Jamie earlier on). The person was a horrible father for years, rejecting Lucas as his son and making Nathan assume his solely value was in sports activities. He then KILLED HIS BROTHER KEITH, who had mainly raised his son Lucas. Dan was the precise worst.


Cheryl’s mother and father Clifford and Penelope on Riverdale

The CW

Actually all of the mother and father on Riverdale are terrible (besides Archie’s mother and father and FP!), however Cheryl’s are fairly spectacularly dangerous. Penelope is a serial killer who known as Cheryl deviant for liking ladies, and Clifford was a assassin who killed his personal son.


Caroline’s dad Invoice on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

He tortured his daughter to attempt to situation her to hate the odor of blood, despite the fact that she was a vampire who would at all times crave it. Then he deserted her as a result of he refused to finish his transition to turn into a vampire. So horrible!!!


Spencer’s dad Peter on Fairly Little Liars


Holy moly, did this man get plenty of girls pregnant. He had an affair with Jessica Dilaurentis whereas he was married to Spencer’s mother, then additionally slept with Jessica’s evil twin Mary. He fathered Spencer, Alex, Melissa, and Jason, and solely claimed two of them. He additionally put a lot stress on his daughters and would not let Melissa inform the reality about Bethany when she clearly wished to.


Serena’s mother and father Lily and William in Gossip Woman

The CW

William was the MESSIEST. He deserted Serena when she was 4, then got here again into her household’s life to deal with Lily’s most cancers, getting so invested that HE PRETENDED HER CANCER HAD COME BACK in order that he may proceed to get near the household. Then he fled city when he was discovered!!! Lily was positively not as dangerous (she was a fairly good stepmom to Chuck) however she constantly paid folks off and tried to regulate her children’ lives, and she or he cared approach an excessive amount of about standing. Serena was sort of the worst, however actually I can see why.


Veronica’s mother and father Hiram and Hermione on Riverdale

The CW

Hiram is a mob boss who kills folks, and Hermione constantly goes again to his facet even when promising Veronica she will not. Plus, they’ve tried to have one another KILLED. Hiram can be extremely manipulative and will not let Veronica have her personal life and succeed on her personal advantage.


Betty’s mother and father Hal and Alice on Riverdale

The CW

Hal was a literal serial killer and Alice gave away Betty’s school tuition to a cult, so…yeah. Alice additionally admitted she loves Betty greater than Polly, which is simply an enormous parenting no-no. She is one way or the other each over-involved and absent from Betty’s life, plus she introduced the murderous Stylish into it.


Ali’s mother Jessica on Fairly Little Liars


Ali’s mother actually BURIED HER ALIVE. I do know she was defending her different daughter Cece who she thought had killed Ali, however STILL. She did not even verify Ali’s pulse?? She was additionally a horrible mom to Cece, institutionalizing her for almost all of her childhood and hiding her existence from her different youngsters (WHICH MEANT LETTING HER SON JASON DATE HER).


Brooke’s mother and father Victoria and Ted on One Tree Hill

The CW

Victoria may’ve redeemed herself in the long run, however a LOT of dangerous stuff went down earlier than that. She actually admitted that she by no means wished a daughter and that Brooke had “ruined” issues for her. She was a horrible absentee mom to Brooke rising up, and she or he solely got here again into Brooke’s life to become profitable off of her. Brooke’s dad was the identical approach, attempting to promote the corporate Brooke had created as a strategy to join with him after he was absent whereas she was rising up.


Nate’s mother and father Howard and Anne on Gossip Woman

The CW

Howard was so manipulative, continuously utilizing his son as a pawn in his personal enterprise offers (that had been solely in jeopardy due to his conduct). Nate gave him so many possibilities to alter, and each time he let him down. He at all times managed to speak his approach out of issues, however personally I by no means trusted him, even when he sort of redeemed himself in the long run. Anne was simply actually chilly and mentioned a number of instances that she cared about her social standing over her household. Nate deserved higher!


Nate’s dad Cal on Euphoria


The place to start out? Not solely is Cal untrue and sleeps with youngsters, however he is a horrible father to Nate. He controls Nate’s life all the way down to his caloric consumption and scrutinizes his each mistake, and he is the rationale Nate has warped views of intercourse, girls, and masculinity. Nate is totally horrible, however I can see why with the place he got here from.


Marissa’s mother Julie on The O.C.


Julie was tremendous materialistic and useless, and she or he was a horrible mother to Marissa. She has an affair together with her daughter’s HIGH SCHOOL ex and general gave Marissa an extremely unstable residence life.


Jughead’s mother Gladys on Riverdale

The CW

She’s not as dangerous as many of the different Riverdale mothers, however she nonetheless introduced a drug ring to Riverdale and lied to her household about it. Not cool.


Harvey’s dad Mr. Kinkle on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


He is bodily and verbally abusive to his sons. There’s actually not far more to say right here.


Chris’s mother and father on Skins


When Chris was sick, his mother would not even go to him. And when he died, his father would not let his finest associates attend his funeral, blaming them for who he’d turn into. I used to be SO MAD.


Isaac’s dad Coach Lahey on Teen Wolf


One other abusive father. He actually locked his son in a freezer for issues like dangerous grades. I am simply going to say it: I used to be glad when he died.


Aria’s dad Byron on Fairly Little Liars


Byron cheated on Aria’s mother constantly with Meredith and made Aria promise to not inform. He additionally later dated Meredith, who was unstable and drugged Aria. To prime all of it off, he was tremendous creepy and threatened Alison. I actually thought he killed her for some time.


Matt’s mother Kelly on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Melinda Clarke performed yet one more dangerous mother or father. She was tremendous absent from Matt’s life, and when she did present up, she was unstable and egocentric. She attached together with her son’s finest pal Tyler and continuously deserted Matt when he wanted her. She additionally labored with Katherine within the final season, when Katherine was mainly the satan. :(


Tyler’s dad Richard on The Vampire Diaries

The CW

Tyler’s dad cared extra about standing than his household and was extremely aggressive. He shamed Tyler for not profitable a battle, then tried to get him to bodily battle Jeremy. This was one other mother or father I used to be glad to see go.


Allison’s mother Victoria on Teen Wolf


She tried to kill Scott, then when she was bit, she killed herself quite than flip right into a werewolf, leaving Allison and not using a mother.


Malia’s organic mother and father Corinne and Peter on Teen Wolf


(Good day once more, Marisol Nichols.) Corinne shot at Malia’s adoptive household’s automotive, inflicting them to crash and Malia’s werecoyote powers to be triggered, resulting in her killing her adoptive household. She then tried to kill Malia a number of instances to take again her energy. Peter was really not terrible to Malia, however he was an terrible particular person normally that killed many, similar to Derek’s sister.


Justin’s mother Amber on 13 Causes Why


Justin’s mother was a drug addict with a variety of harmful boyfriends who’re implied to have abused and molested Justin. Then she kicked him out. I used to be so grateful the Jensens adopted him!


And eventually, Ryan’s mother Daybreak on The O.C.


Daybreak was mainly Amber Lite™️. She was an alcoholic with abusive boyfriends who fought Ryan, after which she kicked Ryan out and moved away earlier than Ryan may come again. Even when she tried to return again into Ryan’s life, she was by no means actually steady. Thank god for the Cohens.

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