You Become What You Think About

Whatever you think about with emotion and energy you will bring about in your life. Where you are today is the sum total of the beliefs and actions you have taken over the past several years. Your dominant thoughts work deep into your subconscious mind and once there they go to work to bring about you and your future. Where you are today is just the sum total of the past, your present is more a reflection of the past then of your current mental status. As a Rhino you need to embrace a positive attitude and make sure to have positive big dreams for your future. Today you are experiencing your dominant thoughts of your past. Tomorrow you can experience the dominant thoughts of your current thinking.

This is why you need to think BIG! RHINO BIG! If today you start making one of your dominant thoughts to be a millionaire and find ways to become a millionaire, in five years you could be a millionaire. If you think small and hope in five years you are making a little more money and your car is paid off, then in five years that is who you will become. What you think about and believe with emotion you will bring about! Don't believe it? Here's a little proof! At age 6 I built my own lemonade stand. Yep! I opened my very first pub when I was only 6 years old. I look at the picture of me in the lemonade stand everyday in my office to remember how powerful your thoughts can be! What you think today will become your future!

This week's Top Rhino I'm proud to say is my wife Shannon. She recently took first place in her age group in the US Triathlon Finals in California … and then just returned from a trip to Australia where she came in 9th in the World Triathlon Championships! Can you guess what picture is hanging in our home gym? It's a big blown up picture from the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1990 where Shannon at age 14, as an unknown underdog, won the Penn Relays. See this stuff really works!

Right now if you have children you must be thinking, "What can I do to help them reach their goals in such a powerful way?" While in Australia, Grady, our son, got a picture taken wearing his Mom's Team US Tri uniform. Only time will tell what path he will take, but if he's in the Olympics one day, it will be no surprise!

Remember to inspire yourself, your friends, and your kids. Negative thoughts, negative actions will accumulate in your life and will result in negative results. Positive, big ideas will result in a big, fun and positive life! You hold the power over your own thoughts, and you can be a source of great inspiration for those around you. Part of being a Rhino and leaving the Cows in the pasture of mediocrity is to take personal responsibility. You own your attitude, you control your thoughts, and you create your realty. Nobody else can control those things. You have the power to take the state of your own mind and direct to the end results you desire. Your boss can't stop you, your spouse can't stop you and your past cannot stop you.

You are a giant, positive, energetic RHINO – nothing can stop you once you determine what you want! So decide today to stop blaming others for where you are and what you have become. Take the time today to write down who you want to be in 5 years, where you want to be in 5 years and how wonderful your life will be in 5 years! When you think positive, visualize your ideal future and start letting your subconscious mind take control you will become what you think about!

Where you will be next month, next year and in five years is completely up to you. By controlling your thoughts and dreaming big you can transform your life and live your dreams! Think negative, self damaging thoughts, you will live it. Think BIG POSITIVE RHINO thoughts and you will live a BIG FUN EXCITING life! It really works!

Dave Magrogan

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