Your Worth Is PRICELESS!

Sometimes we forget our own worth and as a result, our life becomes a pit of dysfunction, unhappiness and co-dependency. We look to others to make us feel better, to think highly of us and to treat us better. However, if we allow others to hold our worth in their hands, then we will always be at the mercy of those individuals. They then hold the strings to our life and we now become puppets in their hands. Our worth then goes up or down based on how they feel about us, how they look at us and how they think about us. That is our inner child seeking approval, approval that our parents should have given to us. As Adults, we now have the power to approve of ourselves, think highly of ourselves and believe the best about ourselves. We are no longer children and we no longer need our parents to approve of us. That now needs to come from within us.

When we identify our self-worth with things external of us, we are setting up ourselves for failure. If someone doesn’t like us, then we feel bad. If they like us, then we feel good. Then they go back to not liking us and well, the cycle repeats. No one outside of us has the tools to raise or decrease our self-worth. Those tools are within us. People on the outside can only make us feel less than ourselves when we already feel less than. When we begin to raise our self-worth, begin to think highly of ourselves, then no one can hold the measure of our worth in his or her hands. Many of us are people-pleasers and we do not want anyone to be upset with us. So we feel that we need to fix something so that others will like us and be pleased with us. Once again, that is the little girl/boy within us.

Once we realize that we will never please everyone, once we realize that people will dislike us for their own personal reasons we will then realize that it is not our job nor responsibility to please others and then diminish our worth in the process. Do not merge your self-worth with whether people like you or not. If they don’t like you, their issue. Life really does go on. For every one person who do not like you, there are a hundred more who do like you. Do not tie up your worth in the one person who does not like you. Chances are the reason that that person does not like you has nothing whatsoever to do with you.

Your worth is PRICELESS! You are a precious jewel. Your worth is beyond measure. If you remember that at all times then you will never allow your self-worth to be decreased by anyone, including you. Our self-worth is essential in us believing, creating and living at the highest level of ourselves. It is your birthright to live abundantly and prosperously. Anything less and you would not be living your birthright. Many of us were taught whether directly or indirectly that it is conceited to think highly of ourselves. We were taught that we should wait on others to praise us, compliment us and to think highly of us. That leaves us at the mercy of all others. Do not make that mistake otherwise, you may be waiting forever for someone to praise you, compliment you and to tell you that they think highly of you. Goodness mercy me! I implore you, do not wait on others to notice you, think highly of you and to compliment you. Do not allow others to make you feel as if your life is not worth living. Raise your self-value to priceless and you will attract a more wealthy, abundant and prosperous life and lifestyle to you.

Love yourself, raise your self-worth by ALWAYS thinking highly of yourself, compliment yourself and congratulate yourself when you have achieved your dreams and your goals. If others do want to compliment you, say thanks and keep it moving. You are not attached to their praise because you have already praised yourself. We raise our self-confidence greatly when we know, feel and believe that our worth is priceless.

When we know, feel and believe that our worth is PRICELESS then no one outside of us can take that away no matter what. You will be able to hold your head high, shoulders back and stand proudly in your Divine life. You now hold your personal power in your hand. Now that you are armed with your own personal shield of armour, you can now move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals.


Source by Trudy-Ann Ewan

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