‘You are Not Nicely, Let Pence Run Issues’

In a clear ploy to shift the main target from a doddering Joe Biden now beset with a severe allegation of sexual assault, Joe Scarborough did his greatest as we speak to recommend that President Trump was not mentally “effectively,” ought to “get checked out, take a relaxation,” and “let Mike Pence run issues.”

Scarborough first criticized President Trump for tweeting about Joe himself. After then rapping Trump for his feedback on Presidents Obama and George W. Bush amongst different topics, Scarborough launched into his concern-trolling spiel. In his greatest fake, oh-so-serious, voice, Scarborough recited what appeared to be a canned assertion: 



Mr. President, I ask that you just get checked out. I ask that you just take a relaxation. I ask that you just care for your self. Possibly let Mike Pence run issues for the subsequent week. You’re not effectively. Let Mike Pence work with Dr. Fauci, work with Dr. Birx. It’d be greatest for you politically. It might be greatest for the nation medically. It would be greatest for the Republican celebration politically. 

. . . 

Mr. President, you’re getting worse on daily basis. That you must take a relaxation. That you must let Mike Pence truly run issues for the subsequent couple of weeks. And come again once you’re feeling somewhat higher and when you may actually, truly, focus in your job. Since you simply can’t try this proper now. And People are dying on daily basis due to it.

Dream on, Joe! President Trump won’t ever drink from the poisoned chalice you proffered.

But when even a handful of voters are swayed by his shtick, Scarborough will think about it day’s work finished.

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