Zig Ziglar – Success With A Human Face

Zig Ziglar is an accomplished public speaker of international acclaim. He is also a prolific author and a successful businessman. Those who know him would also agree than this amiable businessman derives as much pleasure from coaching and seeing people succeed as he does from his own personal accomplishments.

It couldn't have been any different for a man whose guiding principle goes thus: 'you can get everything you want out of life if you just help enough other persons to get what they want.' How I love that quote! Wouldn't this cold world have been a much better place if everyone operated with that principle?

Zig was virtually brought up by a single parent, his mother, having lost his father when he was still very young. And what great job the woman did in bringing up the young Zig! Her strict adherence to high moral values, good work ethics, compassion for people, and a resilient attitude all combined to groom her son for a life of numerous successes and a deep-seated desire to help people improve the quality of their lives.

What distinguishes Zig Ziglar from most other motivational speakers is his emphasis on the pursuit of balanced success-the sort of success that truly leaves you happy because along the way you had succeeded in making others happy, too. This explains why his works have been found useful by Fortune 500 companies as well as churches, private individuals as well as governments, families as well as social groups.

Zig's works cover areas such as sales, leadership, personal success, Christian faith, and family issues. He has severally shared the speakers' podium with US presidents, business moguls, army generals, congressmen and governors. And he has traveled extensively around the world delivering speeches that cut across age, occupation, and culture.

His multimillion-dollar company- the Zig Ziglar corporation-operates on the same personal philosophies which he preaches to his worldwide audience, namely, integrity, hard work, fairness, dedication, common sense, and of course compassion. The man Zig also possesses an excellent sense of humor. All his works-from books to seminars are all spiced up with large doses of humor. He never tires of informing both governments, corporations and even individuals themselves of the need to develop that most important resource-individuals. This is why he once said that "Building a better you is the first step to building a better America."

Zig Ziglar has over 12 books to his name, among them are bestsellers like Secrets Of Closing The Sale, Courtship After Marriage, See You At The Top, Raising Positive Kids In A Negative World, Etc. He has also produced numerous training videos and audio CDs and tapes. He is not so much into online activities. But that has not in any way reduced the impact of his works, some of which have been translated into over two dozen languages. At the moment he is almost retired. But his works will likely remain for ages.

Are you looking for the kind of coach who can help you harness your talents to maximum limits? Zig's programs contain general tips and personalized techniques to help all, regardless of age or culture, to improve in all that they do. The fact that people travel from both far and near to attend his seminars and workshops would suggest that his programs have been helping people solve business and personal issues.

Source by Sandra Essex

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